Sublimation Printing



Sublimation printing is a unique and effective printing process that involves transferring artwork or designs onto a base material. The process utilizes specially developed paper and inks that, when subjected to heat and pressure, undergo a transformation from a solid to a gaseous state. This allows the inks to bond with the surface of the base material, resulting in a permanent and vibrant print.

Platinum Awards utilizes sublimation printing to add color to gold, silver, bronze, and white aluminum materials that are commonly used for trophy plates and plaques. By employing this technique, Platinum Awards is able to incorporate various elements such as photography, logos, branding, and vivid imagery into their award designs.

The sublimation printing process offers several advantages. Firstly, it produces high-quality and detailed prints with vibrant colors, ensuring that the final product looks visually appealing. The colors become a part of the material itself, resulting in a seamless integration of the design. Additionally, sublimation printing allows for full-color printing

Sublimation Printed Plaque
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