Laser Laminate Plate

Laser Laminate


Laser engravable laminate, or laser plate, is a popular material in the awards and signage industry. It offers a versatile and durable option for engraving trophy plates, plaques, signage, and nameplates. Laser plate consists of two layers: a thin top layer or film and a backing or core layer.
During the engraving process, the laser removes the top layer, revealing the core layer beneath. This creates a contrasting effect, allowing for clear and precise engraving with excellent detail. The removal of the top layer exposes the core layer, which is often a different color, resulting in a visually appealing engraved design.

Platinum Awards primarily uses brushed gold and silver laser plate, which provides an elegant and sophisticated look. However, laser plate is available in various color combinations to accommodate different preferences and design requirements. These color options allow for customization and can match the branding or aesthetic needs of a particular project.

In addition to color variety, laser plate is also available with or without an adhesive backing. This flexibility allows for easy installation and application on different surfaces. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, the appropriate type of laser plate can be selected.

If Platinum Awards does not have a particular color combination in stock, it can be ordered upon request. This ensures that customers have access to a wide range of options and can choose the most suitable color combination for their desired design.

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