ISG Paragon Awards for ANZ

ISG Paragon Awards

Blackbutt Timber, Aluminium & Brass

The award concept created by our designers for the Paragon Awards hosted by Information Services Group (ISG) is both visually stunning and environmentally conscious. By incorporating sustainably sourced or recycled materials, the design aligns with ISG’s request for sustainability.

The combination of feature grade blackbutt timber with brushed aluminum and brass elements creates a sophisticated and stylish look for the awards. The use of blackbutt timber provides a natural and warm aesthetic, while the brushed aluminum and brass elements add a touch of modernity and elegance.

The metal panels, intricately laser cut and customized with the ISG/Paragon event branding, demonstrate attention to detail and customization. The laser cutting process allows for precise and intricate designs to be created, ensuring that the ISG branding is accurately represented.

The careful folding of the metal panels at a 90-degree angle to wrap around one edge of the timber block and the offset mounting create a drop shadow effect. This design choice not only highlights the ISG branding but also adds depth and dimension to the awards. The offset mounting also accentuates the natural finishes of the timber, allowing the negative space within the star design to be utilized effectively.

ISG Paragon Awards
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