Cromer Public School Medallions

Cromer Public School


The revamp process undertaken by Platinum Awards for Cromer Public School’s custom medallion design sounds impressive and tailored to their specific requirements. By updating the outdated design and introducing a modern coin-inspired concept, Platinum Awards has successfully aligned the design with the school’s branding and captured its essence accurately.

The integration of the school’s branding into the new medallion design is crucial in reflecting its identity and values. This ensures that the medallions effectively represent Cromer Public School and the significance they hold within the school community.

In addition to the redesigned medallion, the introduction of a velvet finish medallion box adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. This choice of packaging complements the new design and enhances the overall presentation of the medallions. The use of a velvet finish creates a luxurious feel, making the medallions feel even more special.

School Medallions
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