B&T 30 Under 30 Awards


30 Under 30 Awards

The award concept for the B&T 30 Under 30 Awards is visually appealing and pays homage to the previous design while incorporating new elements. The use of naturally finished birch plywood for both components adds a touch of natural beauty to the awards.

The base section, stained black and featuring an elegant shadow line that wraps around the top edge, provides a sleek and sophisticated foundation for the award. This black finish adds depth and contrast to the overall design, creating a visually striking effect.

The main body of the award is cut in a specific way to highlight the texture of the stacked plywood. The intriguing texture adds visual interest and showcases the unique characteristics of the plywood. The clear raw finish applied to the main body allows the natural beauty of the wood to shine through, enhancing its overall appeal.

Personalization is an important aspect of the award concept, and each award is customized with a UV print applied to both the base and the main body. This personalization adds a special touch and ensures that each award is unique to the recipient.

The design of the award creates a beautiful contrast between the gentle matte light brown of the award face, the layered plywood edges, and the sophisticated black finish on the beveled base. This contrast adds visual impact and elevates the overall aesthetic of the awards.

B&T 30 Under 30 Awards
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