Brookvale Football Club Medallion & Keyring

Brookvale Football Club

Medallion & Keyring

In 2018, Brookvale Football Club approached us to take over the production of their end-of-season awards and trophies. Due to the clubs’ requirements, we recommended transitioning from participation trophies to more cost-effective custom medallions. Since then, we have created two different medallion designs to align with the club’s logo changes.

The current design (pictured), is particularly impressive. It features a polished silver medallion with a vibrant 5-colour enamel paint fill. The medallion is attached to a premium quality azure blue ribbon, which matches the club’s playing strip.

The club was so impressed with the medallion’s appearance that they also commissioned a batch of keyrings to present to their members and sell at the clubhouse. This expansion allowed the club to further showcase their brand and provide supporters with a tangible keepsake.

Football Club Medallion
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